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We’re Ready to Report for Duty with Unlimited Design Services at an Affordable Monthly Rate.

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Salutations from Design Troopers

Unlimited Graphics. An Army of Designers. One Low Monthly Rate.

At Design Troopers, our sole mission is to serve the commander (yes, that’s you; now, don’t you feel special?!)

We provide a unique and alternative experience to recruiting designers and crossing your fingers in hopes- that you will get what you paid for, and that it won’t take weeks to get the priorities accomplished. At Design Troopers, we provide a fun and productive solution to get all of your graphic design needs completed in a quick manner without the hassles of exuberant design fees. One flat rate per month, covers it all. We’re here to serve you.

Request Your Design

After you send your request to central command, we’ll gather the information and deploy the troops to get started on the mission right away.

Design Revisions

After the troops come back with their first iteration, you’ll have the opportunity to analyze the designs and provide feedback.

Share With The World!

Once complete, you’ll get a full debrief with all your assets ready to download and deploy where you choose! Hoorah!

Our Design Gallery

Now that you know the drill, lets move to basic training...

Learn more about how easy it is to recruit and deploy your design army using
Design Troopers unique cloud-based platform.


• Unlimited Ammo

A.K.A Unlimited Requests & Revisions

• Dedicated Comrad

A.K.A Dedicated Designer

• 100% Ownership

When your design troops deliver, you
own the project files.

• Execute & Deliver

We have recruited the best talent to
work as efficiently and productively as
possible in order to minimize down-time
and quickly execute and deliver.

• Flat Rate Monthly Fee

Hiring a designer task-by-task can be
extremely costly. However when you
work with us, you will save hundreds
within the first month of deploying your
design troops.

• Unlimited Support

When your design troops deliver, you
own the project files.

Do You Need a Personal
Design Army?

  • Resell Services

  • Ongoing Graphic Needs

  • Agency Needs

  • Freelance Overflow

Design Troopers was created for those who have regular, ongoing design needs but don’t want to spend thousands hiring and in-house team. Whether you need a helping hand with extra projects as a freelancer or you are part of a large agency, Design Troopers has a plan that covers your every need. From logo design, business cards, brochures, web ads and more, Design Troopers is standing by and awaiting orders!

Now, Ready to Nuke the competition?

You can have an explosion of design possibilities and unlimited creativity, all at your disposal.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Thank you so much for the design! You captured my vision perfectly and exceeded my expectations! Thank you for being so patient with my designs and making the necessary edits for our new school spirit shirt. I look forward to continuing working on more design projects!” 



Design Troopers is a creative solution to deligate all of your creative design to and enjoy unlimited designs at an easy to swallow monthly fee.


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